There is a Solution to Stop School Shootings and it is Easier than You Think

How to stop school shootings
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I have pretty much stayed out of all politics and honestly
– stopped reading the news.

The news has become a complete distraction from build my business and helping moms earn much needed income with Warfare Marketing and Business Growth Network. The main stream news only seems to focus on salacious negativity that drags me down, plays on my mom emotions and depresses me daily.

It had to go.

But several school shootings and I will say this…

The solution is cultural.

In short….we suck

…though I’d love to hear your opinions in the comments.

We care more about cramming kids for math/English based standardized testing than hugging and greeting them warmly at the door and teaching them to respect their fellow humans.

Schools say they care about bullying while teachers and admin bully….the victims! and care more about suppressing their statistics of incidents.

Our Highschool students who we are supposedly training for adulthood are in schools that act more like prison lockdown than a college campus. Do high school students really need to ask for permission to go to the restroom, a basic human need, and then be forced to carry an embarrassing toilet seat hall pass so they don’t get stopped by gestapo in the hall?

A month ago, I was venting to my local mom group because my 17 year old was on a DECA competition trip with school and the bus broke down 20 minutes away from home at the DPS Office (closed and after dark) with no heater and no dinner and the teachers are telling me it is safety policy to hold her their while they get a maintenance man to repair a bus in the freezing, dark evening. That makes sense. A dark parking lot, freezing with no food is totally safer than her mother picking her up or the students of legal age catching an Uber home. Seems more like a prison bus that a safe space for students.

How about flip our education system around and start building relationships

Lets start cultivating individual talents instead only rewarding students who excel in math and science only. That kid in the back can carve and build beautiful structures and you’re making him feel stupid. Oh but wait….stupid is a bad word we shouldn’t say.

Make students care and clean their own school like they do in Japan.

Teach our children that basic respect for others is far more important than the best test grade or highest GPA.

Take away standardized testing like in Finland, the excessive mind numbing homework in….math, science (obviously) and let students explore the fields they love in a directed, facilitated manor while educating them on the needs of society and guiding them through mentorship programs.

“Finnish students only take one standardized test during their entire primary and secondary schooling.”


Grow programs like the Buddy Bench and encourage students to reach out to the loners, outcasts and degenerates with LOVE.

Adults, stop bullying, shaming, and tracking down people on the internet to get them fired because they don’t agree with you setting the worst example for students.

Start treating middle and high school students like the adults they soon will be and give them the skills they ACTUALLY need in the real world.

Is it so hard to trust our kids to walk to school with friends free from adults so they may build critical independence and confidence?

A few facts on school shootings and attempted deterrence:

Many schools, including Frisco ISD where my children attend, have ramped up access control measures, such as locking doors, requiring visitors to sign in and ID badges. However, it doesn’t stop school shootings because the majority of school shooters are students, faculty, or staff of the school who have the proper identification to gain entry to the grounds.

What about armed guards, cops teachers and veterans? Two of the deadliest school shootings, Columbine and Virginia Tech, occurred despite the presence of armed police. Armed guards didn’t stop anything or even deter the students who knew their were armed guards.

And seriously, does anyone really believe that on top of everything else, teachers should have to worry about firearms training or worse, protecting the weapon in an environment with children?

I’d say cops but, as mentioned above, they don’t stop anything and I’m not really impressed by their actions on campuses in general and think it gives the wrong “feel” – especially in inner city schools like I have seen in Dallas, Texas.

I am hearing all this talk of metal detectors in every school.

Metal detectors have been implemented less often due to the extremely high cost, and while studies show some deference, are no guarantee. In 2005, a teenager killed an unarmed security guard and passed through a metal detector at a high school in Red Lake, Minnesota and murdered a teacher and five students.

Not only do these solutions not stop gun violence, it creates a sense of fear.

Let me give an example.

I once tried to take my oldest daughter to a Chinese camp one summer held in an inner city school in Dallas with the only entry being through a slew of metal detectors and cops. The mental feeling of walking through metal detectors and hordes of cops at a school was about the worst way possible to start the day. We NEVER again. We turned down a great program because of the environment created. It creates a sense of danger where there is none.

Oh, and students just let other students in the locked doors on the side of the building with no metal detectors anyway.

If you are set on hurting people – you will

That is why the solution has to start with people.

Oh but wait…”I agree with all of that. But what do you propose that we do instead? We need something tangible now!”

Yes because overthrowing the second amendment is easy, taking a solution that has already been tested in schools around the world and even schools right here int he USA is hard. Eye roll.

Metal detectors are outrageously expensive while hugs, respect, dignity are free.

Armed guards, standardized testing, and janitorial services are expensive while making children care for their own space saves money. Making children make decisions about their own education cost nothing additional…just restructuring. Building a buddy bench and program is ridiculously inexpensive in government spending terms.

Nothing changes till we change as a society

But what are your thoughts?



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