Review: Starting a HFC Business by Ian Leaf

Review: Starting a HFC Business by Ian Leaf

As a blogger who covers many high fashion events in the Dallas area, I was recently sent the book, Starting a HFC Business at Home by Ian Leaf, for my honest review. This is dangerous in my opinion. I am well read and many of the self published books that have come before me suffered vicious reviews for poor quality and content.

This book by Ian Leaf has been the one of only two exceptions I have seen in the self published title world, this and The Tale of Three Coaches by Daren Martin.

A review of Starting a HFC Business at HomeFirst and foremost, the book is well written with a content layout that makes sense as you are reading. Words are spelled correctly, sentence structure matches all those rules my english teachers drilled and the book delivers facts. Pictures would be nice, but I know this drives costs up and the material doesn’t necessarily need them.

If you are starting a high fashion business, this certainly is not the only book you will need, but I do honestly feel that it is a great start so you know the future tasks ahead for you. Topics range from funding, fads, government red tape, taxes and even scams and fraud that I know all too well are prevalent in the entire industry. I really enjoyed reading the story of the Vivier Shoe Fraud, a story I had never heard of, but a scam that has repeated itself a thousand times over in today’s high end markets.

The book, Starting a HFC Business at Home by Ian Leaf, has been a joy to read and enlightened me on an industry near and dear to my heart on back end operations. A huge thanks to the writer and his promotion team for sending me this book to review.

Chapter Titles for the Book:

  • Introduction
  • HFC – High Fashion Clothing
  • Funding Your Own Home Fashion Business
  • What HFC Fads to Bank On
  • How to Leaf Through the City’s Red Tape
  • Should the Government Tax Art and Fashion?
  • How to Avoid HFC Scams – A General Primer
  • Vivier Shoe Fraudsters – An Example



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