Review: Myofascial Release – Lacrosse Ball Massage


Lacrosse Blue Balls for Myofascial release

Myofascial Release – Lacrosse Ball Massage: The Posture Corrector, Stress Reliever and Trigger Point Therapy Tool for Tight Muscles & Poor Mobility

Using the Azatrum Health’s self myofascial release lacrosse ball has been an easy way to mitigate pain and tension relief in my neck, shoulders, lower back and feet – mostly while I am simply sitting at my desk. Most tension for me is in my neck, and while I am reading client information, I can simply roll these up and down my neck and shoulder muscles.

For feet, simply drop the balls beneath your desk and remove your shoes. Proceed to roll the balls around all day until your work makes you get up.

Using myofacial release blue balls for foot pain relief

My lower back is more complicated. You lay down flat, for me I prefer a carpeted surface, and play the balls beneath your pressure points and proceed to use the floor to roll them across tight muscles – outstanding when you don’t have someone to give you a good back massage. Warning, my husband did walk in on me and gave me the weirdest “What in the world are you doing” stare and laughed at me.

And on that note, for a great gag gift, give to your husband and tell him that those blue balls he complains about are the cure to all his tension problems 🙂

I recieved this product for free in hopes that I would write a fair and honest review

Below, I posted a video describing how to use them with a guy who knows what he is talking about:

Hot to use balls for myofacial release post workout



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