One Funnel Away Challenge: Week 1 Mission #2 Greatest Showman

One Funnel Away Challenge: Week 1 Mission #2 Greatest Showman

Week 01 – Day 009: Mission #2 Greatest Showman

Checklist for Today:

  1. Watch Russell’s Video DONE
  2. Fill out the worksheet below SEE BELOW
  3. Create a practice offer and pitch it to a friend or family member
  4. Go to the One Funnel Away (OFA) community and comment on today’s mission thread when you’re done with the word – #MISSIONCOMPLETE WHY
  5. Pitch it to a family member or friend. How much value were you able to create in your offer? SCHEDULED
  6. Go find something in your house you’d like to sell. It does NOT have to be related to yesterday’s mission. We’re just practicing. Write it down here. Book from Ryan Deiss
  7. Your potential buyer is going to have all kinds of objections and false beliefs about buying your product. These are great starting points for creating other products and pieces that when combined together, make a great offer. False beliefs:
    • I can’t do it
    • It won’t work in my industry
    • I don’t have time
    • I don’t have time to read
  8. Using that product or book as a launching pad, and the false beliefs that your buyer might have…brainstorm a bunch of other product that go with your core product. Once we have a list, we’re ready to choose the best of them to create an offer.
    • Written Word: Online training in order I built
    • Spoken Word: Coaching videos
    • Physical Products: Workbook with templates
    • Misc. Products: My funnel templates, my email swipe, my facebook ad swipe files, funnels I have hacked
    • What False Belief or Objection does it crush? Time (one hour a day), I can read (videos and templates done for you), Won’t work in my industry (templates for several industries), I can’t do it (we are handing the hard part to you… just customize)
  9. Pick the best products from the list, and create the “offer stack”.
    • Core Product: 90 Day Business Growth Challenge
    • Add-On Product: Book / Workbook
    • Bonus #1: RelayThat
    • Bonus #2: Templates / Swipe
    • Bonus #3: Kartra (call and get a 30 day trial affiliate link?)
  10. What did you “pretend” sell it for? $1,997 or 2997

“If you can’t be the lowest, there is no strategic advantage to being “second” cheapest.” – Russell Brunson



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