My 4 Must Have Tea Beverages


For those that know me well, you know that I am pretty obsessed with hot tea. And sweet tea; you can’t live in the south and not love some sun brewed cane sugar ice cold sweet tea. I’ve put together a small compilation of my favorite teas of the moment. I say of the moment because I am always searching out the next sweet tea spot – no particular order:

1. Rischi Organic Mint Green Tea

TEXAS WOMEN BLOGGERS MUG OF rischi vanilla chai tea latte

I buy this stuff by the pound on Amazon. It is my go to daily drink and I try to use it as a replacement to my Coke Cola habit. The mint is subtle and served hot can be more relaxing than a Xanax. It comes loose leaf and can be a pain to heat the water, steep in a metal ball I load myself – but worth it, I make it by the large pot and often have leftovers that I pour into a container and chill for ice tea, The health benefits of green tea are spectacular…total added benefit.

2. Starbucks Venti Chai Tea Latte

Starbucks coffee is dallas texas

Mainly for convenience and second because I just can’t learn to replicate the perfect chai tea at home complete with foam. Don’t judge my addiction.

3. Organic TeaNow Black Green Tea by Karma Kisses

teanow instant tea

TeaNow is my go to tea on the go. It is an organic, water-soluble instant powder from Karma Kisses that is just so easy. It’s loaded with super antioxidants that will keep you feeling and looking fresher and younger.  Each glass is like drinking 5 normal tea cups. Green tea antioxidants have a lot of research-backed benefits, including boosting your metabolism. If you’re looking for a more serious dose of green tea antioxidants fast, for weight loss or fighting diseases. TeaNow can really save you a lot of time. TeaNow adds simply to any water bottle or hot cup of water. As I mentioned above, tea can be cumbersome to make, I just drop this in my water bottle while in the carpool lane at the kids’ school. TeaNow has a natural sweet taste but is sugar-free.

4. Jasmine Pearls from the White Dragon Tearoom in Durango

Jasmine pearls from the white dragon tearoom in durango colorado

My husband brought these home to me from a ski trip and it was love. Costly, but special, these are reserved for special guests, PMS days and times you want to crawl into a ball and announce that you can no longer adult. Smooth, clean, a hint of sweetness without bitterness or a perfume smell. No honey necessary and low caffeine.

What is your favorite tea? Let us know in the comments below!

*****I received compensation in exchange for writing this blog post. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own. I seriously love tea – if you have any questions or recommendations – please let me know!!! *****

Below is a chart that shows in living color TeaNow being 500% stronger

5 shades of green tea

Learn how to lose weight fast with TeaNow Black Green Tea



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