What Mom’s Really Want on Mother’s Day – And It Is Not What You Think!


What mom really want's for Mother's Day

I asked a rather large array of active mothers what they really want this Mother’s Day and the answers might surprise you. What do I mean by active mothers? This is the mom who is actively raising children age 0-18 in the home.  It seems like most all the moms generally want the same things and men have zero clue! The good news is there is still time to make all her wishes come true at a price point that is hard to beat…Free! Yes, you heard me, free. The top Mother’s Day requests are mostly free for you to put together: Sleep!!!!

Mom Meme - I had a mind once, now I have small children

The Down and Dirty Summery for those That Won’t Read All the Way Down

1. DO NOT BUY ROSES! Unless she specifically asks for them. You can add flowers, but be unique and get something special; think tulips or an iris. Hint: Flowers are not a gift by themselves, rather a nice added touch.
2. Mom needs a break away from you and the kids, bonus if that means getting to sleep all night and into the afternoon with the house all to herself.
3. Not one mom mentioned a card or even a love letter – not one

1)  A Solid Night’s Sleep, Bonus For Sleeping in Late Too

Sleep was mentioned by over 50% of all moms. Even if they said something else….sleeping alone, sleeping in, naps, just plain solid sleep was one all their wish lists. With three kids…I get it. One is breast fed and still waking up several times a night to eat. The toddler goes to bed late and wakes up early ready to race the day. The teenager needs to be at the school competition bus on Saturday morning at 7am. As a mom, I often am the last to bed, the first one up and absolutely exhausted. We all just want to sleep! If you bring me breakfast in bed, please deliver at noon thank you.

Moms really want sleep for Mother's Day

“8 hours of uninterrupted sleep followed by coffee in bed. That is all.’   –  J.S.

“A nap.”   –  K.W.

“I want a solid night’s sleep with no children crying, nursing, waking me up, getting scared of who knows what, climbing into bed with me, or needing anything. Just 8 hours of interrupted sleep. Just once.”   –  K.L.

“I could totally go for a night of actual sleep all by myself. But I could always use a new set of boobs. I’ve breastfed 2 babies, so perky boobies would be nice.”   –  A.L.

“A minimum 30% of the bed, instead of the measly 5% I end up with every night.”   –  A.W.

“Sleep, shower and potty by myself. Also, chocolate. Lots of that.”   –  B.Q.

“A full night’s rest, sleep in past 4am for once, full body massage, glass of wine and chocolate in a hot bubble bath listening to michael buble or norah jones without having to end it early to get my crying child.”   –  C.C.

“A nap, an hour to read, chocolate bar.”   –  A.R.

“To lay in bed all day lol hub can bring baby to me when she’s hungry”   –  K.G.

2) Alone Time With Our Man

Much like sleep, our love live often feel deprived. Life as an active mom doesn’t always allow a lot of time to feel like a woman, much less time to be a couple. This Mother’s Day, find a babysitter and take your wife out to dinner.

“What I really want for mothers day is some alone time with my husband, to put that spark back into our relationship. If we could have a proper honeymoon, I would be over the moon”   –  Mama Bear McNelley

“It’s almost 4 a.m. and I guess is my turn to be up lol. For mothers day I want a trustworthy baby sitter so my husband and I can have a nice dinner and then go to the club and do some dancing”   –  D.Y.

“A pedicure and a glass of wine. Maybe a date night with the hubs.”   –  A.C.

“A date? This whole nursing, single mom thing isn’t doing it for me, and momma needs a night out with a nice guy (do they exist?). Just some dinner, some wine and some good conversation that doesn’t involve baby or baby’s father. I’ll even be home in time for our late night nurse session, so 11? A day without having to speak to my daughter’s father would be nice. We aren’t friends, dude. I don’t care about your ex-girlfriend, or whatever excuse you have this week for being late or missing your scheduled”   –  A.D.

3) Me Time for Personal Activities and Hobbies

As mentioned above, there is not a lot of free time being a mom; I don’t care if you are a working mom, a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM), or a Work at Home Mom (WAHM) – there is no winning in this department. Our day is structured out giving all of our time, love and energy to other people. For one day, give back. Give us time, money and opportunity to just be us again.

“Either a day of sewing, or a day (and budget) for visiting the fabric district.”   –  E.L.

“To sew all day with no interruptions….and chocolate”   –  J.P.

“An entire day to myself. Alone, in my house. I don’t want to go to a hotel or a spa. I want hubby to take the kids to a hotel, feed them, bathe them, and leave me all to myself. For one entire day!”   –  A.S.

“An entire day alone- to myself. I may sleep all day due to constant exhaustion- but who cares! At least it’s MY day to do with as I please.”   –  L.M.

4) Well Behaved Kids

Mother’s Day is an awesome time to get the kids involved in supporting and showing attention to mom – by having them shape up. Let the kids know, explain to them, all that mom sacrifices for them and all she really wants for this hurculean effort is for them to be sweet and positive for one whole 24 hour period.

“No screaming over gold fish crackers.”   –  B.R.

“A full day with no one touching my boobs or crying at me!“   –  A.B.

“To get to hang out with my family all day with no work. Daddy makes and cleans up meals, deals with any discipline and puts the crankier kid to bed. I love being with my kids on Mother’s Day because they’re always so sweet!”   –  B.B.

Really does it matter if your brother has the yellow cup? Yes, I know you don’t like yellow. But your brother does.”   –  S.V.

5) A Clean Home…and Not Because We Cleaned It!

There are five people in my home. The laundry pile is about to get an altitude certification and become one of the great peaks to overcome. I should sell tickets for Father’s Day to climb the great summit. Get mom a great maid AND pick up the clutter for her prior to the maid coming.

“I would love to have a day where my children get along and aren’t bossy to each other. Maybe even my husband cooking and cleaning for me. Sleeping in would also be amazing.”   –  Ms. Pacman  http://xxmspacmanxx.blogspot.com/

“A clean house and shaved legs.”   –  A.D.

“I’m torn between a clean house & Harry Connick Jr. tickets.”   –  M.T.

“A maid that comes and does a deep cleaning plus all the laundry. A personal chef to fill my freezer with pop in oven/crockpot meals. And while the maid is cleaning and the chef is cooking, I would sit on the sofa, drink some wine and watch my favorite shows. All while the hubby takes the kids to visit his parents for the weekend.”   –  S.H.

6) Pampering

Mom with a green mask; pamper mom for mother's day

“I want a full day of pampering.. Massage, facial, mani, pedi, hair, makeup and then a date night with my husband.. And then I want to be able to sleep the whole night and entire morning with absolutely no interruptions. I guess waking up around noon would suffice”   –  R.E.

“A weekend at a spa retreat ALONE with my kindle.”   –  H.A.

“A gift card to go get pampered (massage, facial, pedicure, etc.) and come home to find everything at the house has been taken care of (dishes, laundry, etc.) and find dinner cooked and on the table.”   –  H.D.

And I just want to clarify the papering choice having seen this one myself; if you gift mom a day at the spa, ensure that you have plans and arrangements for her to actually use the gift certificate! It is easy to buy, print and give, but if she never has several hours away from the kids, then it is worthless. Then you also end up with a very unhappy and resentful wife.

“More than anything for Mother’s Day, I would love to go get the massage that I was gifted last year on Mother’s Day.”   –  Veronica Bradley  

7) Jewelry…but with Meaning

Dallas Mother's Day gift idea: Jewelry with meaning

The mom’s we polled were not asking for luxurious diamonds and gems, rather thoughtful pieces symbolic of their lives as a mom. Birthstones of their kids and silver engraved pieces are all good options similar to the one above I found on an Etsy shop, Antigone Blossom.

“My very first Mother’s Day was incredibly bittersweet. My son had passed away just 4 months prior and my mom was recovering from a coma and rehabilitation. Last year I was preggers with my baby girl who was due on Mother’s Day! This Mother’s Day I am pregnant with our baby boy, and my AddieBear is going to turn one! This year I would really love love love a day of pampering (mani/pedi, get my hair done, and get all dressed up.) have some preggy mocktails and not be woken up by someone wanting boobs. And for a gift I would really like the James Avery ring with a garnet birthstone for my son. That would be perfect!   –  Chelsea Umberger

“It’s my first Mother’s Day (didn’t count while pregnant, but enjoyed the chocolate anyway), and I’m not *that* tired yet, so what I really want is a mom necklace. Not that I wear necklaces right now that aren’t made of silicone, but I want a nice, simple necklace to mark this amazing milestone in my life. Something I can give her when she has a kid and I replace it with a gaudy grandma necklace with a birthstone for each grandkid”   –  K.T.

8) Boobs, Bigger Boobs

“Boob job. I’m vain and not ashamed.”   –  S.L.

“Mommy make over, boobs, tummy, hips. Time alone in my home w/o hubby, kids and MIL who lives with us. dimonds in that order”   –  S.G.

At the end of the day, I think all mom really want is something thoughtful. We give our time, love, attention, our everything all the time to other people and we really just want to get some back.

“After 6 failed Mother’s Days thus far, I’d like my husband to actually put thought into it and actively involve our oldest son. Something specifically handmade or picked out just for me from the kid and/or Daddy. For all the thoughtful stuff I do for them, I’d love the same shown back to me just once.”   –  C.P.

And moms reading this, cut Dad and the kids some slack and just tell them exactly what you want.

Mother's Day gift ideas from Antigone Blossom Etsy shop

My personal request: A real vacation away from all the kids and the husband! 3 days on a beach, sleeping in, drinking, with no responsibilities. Since that is not happening, can I just get a maid who will actual clean the toilet with my potty training son’s special mess and a magnum bottle of champagne to toast to my insanity?

Miss Jena Apgar with Stella and Dot jewelry

What do you want for Mother’s day? Let us know in the comments below!

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