Momma Got a New iPhone 6 Plus AND Invite to Exclusive Verizon Event

Momma Got a New iPhone 6 Plus AND Invite to Exclusive Verizon Event


MomBoss just fell in love with the new New iPhone 6 Plus. After a bit of a hectic day running errands with the two little ones, I brought home my new, golden beauty, iPhone 6 Plus, herein known as “My Precious.” And what could make this day more complete? The first email I read on my new 5.5” amazing display was from Verizon inviting me and my blog typing fingers to a special event to work with bloggers as brand ambassadors. Yes please, I love my Verizon!! On March 27th, I will have the privilege of being one of a very select number of bloggers and influencers who will enjoy meeting with a public relations manager to learn about the hottest wearable accessories, devices and apps launching this spring. Bonus to my fellow bloggers, they’ll cover exclusive deals and how technology is shaping the blogging industry.

So now that I have My Precious…I need all the iPhone 6 Plus Accessories! The top accessories on my list to get:

The new iPlanet extendable Bluetooth Selfie Stick

So before you hate, as a blogger, you need original images. Need. One of the reasons I have been really looking forward to my upgrade to iPhone 6 Plus is the amazing camera, not my DSLR, but can hang out taking great impromptu shots like a boss. The selfie stick can get those shots that include background, all my friends and without my arm super imposed and forefront in the image.

the selfie stick

Photo curtesy Verizon Wireless

A Blinged Out, Photogenic, iPhone 6 Plus Case

As I’m learning, every lifestyle, fashion and beauty blogger needs a photogenic phone case. Something I learned today, Swarovski has phone cases – crystal and all! Back story, I grew up in small towns that lacked the glimmer and shine of Dallas and prior to the internet being a thing. On each base was a store known as the BX (Base Exchange) that always had a display tower for Swarovski Crystals. I thought they were the epitome of glamour. I still love the brand and shopping at their NorthPark location. Downside is that I was unable to find one for the iPhone 6 Plus. Deeply saddened.

Swarovski crystal phone cases in silver

Photo Curtesy Swarovski

The other brand I am considering is Kate Spade with gold details. Kate Spade device covers have bright dynamic colors with classic yet fun designs.

Kate Spade iPhone 6 cover in gold stripes

Photo curtesy Verizon Wireless

What cell provider do you use and why? Let us know in the comments below!

I will receive a gift in exchange for writing about the Verizon event. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own and I could not possibly be happier to support such a solid company that I have used for over 5 years now.



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