#JenasNotes: The Ultimate One Funnel Away Challenge Review & Notes

Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge Review OFA

Welcome to the Ultimate One Funnel Away Challenge Review & Notes by your favorite note taker. This is my “Pillar Post” for the Challenge and Review meaning it was SO long, that it will link away to my notes and review for individual daily “Missions”.

You’ve probably heard all the buzz about the One Funnel Away Challenge by now…

Russel Brunson has structured it to go viral but the content DOES NOT DISAPPOINT

What is the One Funnel Away Challenge?

You know, the crazy, intense challenge where you have 30 days to build and launch your online funnel, while having Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian, and Stephen Larsen as your coaches?

Word is spreading about how this Challenge, and thousands of entrepreneurs have been going through when it was live originally and now that it is online and semi-live with recordings.

(And YES – I joined!)

These are legit note, my own answers to many of the frequently asked questions with videos to compliment as well.

You can check out the One Funnel Away Challenge details, and join the Challenge here → http://bgn.tips/ud7p (Yes, that is an affiliate link)

Crazy part is, for a huge 30 day Challenge with 3 top-notch marketing trainers, it’s just $100 for the WHOLE Challenge! PLUS additional interviews with people who have DONE IT!

Personal Thoughts on the OFA Before We Hit My Notes

I’d like to share my personal lessons learned this past month before I share all my individual notes… with my actual answers!

The online game, make money online (MMO), agency stuff, anything funnel related is not a get rich quick game. It consumes an inordinate amount of time to learn and get started from scratch if you are trying to do everything yourself.

  1. I severely underestimated how long this takes to get going and I KNOW WHAT I AM DOING. Do not drink the Kool-Aid in the beginning with all the Facebook advertisements and OFA affiliates telling you that you will be an overnight success. The ones who have been successful made huge sacrifices and put their heart and soul into this for a long time before getting rich “Quick”.
  2. Stop chasing new shiny objects!!! This is so important starting out. Build one entire bridge. If you try to “funnel hack” everything – you will lose! Remember that each task is just that… a TASK. Set a timer and be done with it. Learn… but implement. Study and research different ads and ideas, but don’t go down their rabbit hole.
  3. You might suck at the tech stack and that is ok! I watched as hundreds spent hours and hours trying to integrate applications that just needed simple fixes. It might be easier just to pay someone to do it for you! Don’t let tech keep you from moving forward.
  4. The people in the Facebook are the BEST and the WORST! Take your questions to the group. Some will help. Others will tear you apart. I have no idea what the point of being cruel is over simple questions… but they do it. If you want a safe environment to ask ME questions, join my own free Facebook Group, the Fem Bot Army for Warfare Marketing.
  5. Absolutely amazing education and coaching from Russell, Stephen and Julie. I don’t have to love Clickfunnels to see the education is golden.
  6. Find some life balance. I gave 100% to this OFA and my mental and physical health got a knocking through lack of sleep and trying to hold down a busy corporate job and the rest of my life. My kids didn’t get a look in all month and are fed up of microwave meals and takeouts now. The house looks like a bomb hit it. I didn’t keep in touch with friends and my boyfriend was asking when will he ever see me again 🤣. Moving forward I need to make sure I find time for exercise and a bit of RnR, loved ones and sleep properly.
  7. Give back to the new people. Now I’ve been through it, I’ll be able to help the next lot of newbies coming through.
  8. Be more focussed and don’t get distracted. Lose the FOMO!!! Next I need to get started on the 2 MLMs I signed up for and finish my product from the last OFA (at least the funnel is substantially done) I will NOT get distracted by new shiny objects until I’ve achieved this!!!
  9. Publish, publish, publish. I just didn’t have time before as I was chasing the new shiny objects. I don’t have a huge amount of spare cash to buy my way in. I need to start playing the long game of organic traffic. Writing is second nature to me but I need to start being brave and put myself in front of a camera 😳
    I think that’s it 😜. Anyone else have any learnings to share?

My Personal Notes for the One Funnel Away Challenge 🙂

That is why you guys are all here right?

And the Bonus Days! 30Days.com Summit Interviews

  • Trey Lewellen: The Proprietary “Reactive Startup Formula” That Makes Launching Your Product Painless…And Virtually Guarantees Your Success!
  • Liz Benny: Secrets Of A High-End ($10K+) Coaching Program…
  • Garrett J. White: The “Core 4” For Achieving Success
  • Alison J. Prince: How My School-Age Daughters Built Their Own 6-Figure ECommerce Empire…In Just 9 Months!
  • Dana Derricks: The “Dream 100” Method That Helped Generate Millions In Revenue For Myself And My Clients
  • Julie Stoian: The 3 “Profitability” Steps You Absolutely Must Accomplish During Your First Week To Establish Credibility, And Attract High-Ticket Customers And Clients
  • Stephen Larsen: The “Purple Ocean” Approach To Identifying Products That Your Fans Would Body-Check Their Grandmas To Buy!
  • Stacey Martino: The 3 Non-Negotiables For Setting Yourself Up For Success (…Before You Even Start Your Funnel)
  • Ed Osburn: The #1 Factor That’s Exponentially More Powerful Than A Testimonial For Getting Your Clients And Customers From A “Maybe” To A “Yes!”
  • Tyler Shaule: 4 Simple Steps To Crafting Your Fundraising “Offer”
  • Rachel Pederson: How I Take Entrepreneur Clients From $4,000/Mth To Pulling In Up To $7,000 PER DAY!
  • Jeremy McGilvrey: My Foolproof “HCBA” Hack That Pin-Points Profitable, In-Demand Niches In Just MINUTES
  • Peng Joon: How To Attract Attendees To Your $1K-Per-Ticket LIVE Event In Just 45 Minutes…(And FILL Every Seat In The Room!)
  • Myron Golden: The Strategies I Use To Help My Clients Rake In Up To $10 MILLION Per Year Each
  • Jaime Cross: Mastering the “Convergence Quadrant” Method: Optimize Your Offers Before You Ever Start Building Your Funnel!
  • Dan Henry: The Unusual Approach That Led Me To Build A $3 Million Business In Just ONE Year
  • Joe McCall: Simple Techniques That Create An Irresistible High-Ticket Coaching Offer
  • Spencer Mecham: How To Choose The Perfect Affiliate Products And Maximize Your Revenue
  • Anissa Holmes: How To Leverage FB To Land Clients To Consistently Fill Up Every Slot In Your Schedul
  • Dean Holland: Everything From Facebook Group, Webinar Strategies, Collaboration and Getting Affiliates To WANT To Help Promote You!
  • John Lee Dumas: The 2 Most Important Practices I Use EVERY DAY To Stay Focused On My 7-Figure Businesses
  • Rob Kosberg: My Top-Secret “Embarrassingly Simple” Strategies That Enable Me to Land $25,000 Sales (Day After Day) From A Webinar
  • Natalie Hodson: How To Identify And Approach Your PERFECT Influencers To Promote Your Lead Magnet… (And Get The Most “YESes” Possible!)
  • Pat Rigsby: “I’ve Repeated The Same EXACT Process Over And Over Again To Create 7 Businesses That Make At Least $1 Million Per Year.”
  • Caitlin Pyle: How To Build INSTANT Credibility And Authority In Your Niche (Even If You’re “New And Unknown” At The Moment)
  • Akbar Sheikh: How To Create An Almost INSTANT Coaching Practice That Attracts Your Perfect Clients
  • Rhonda Swan: How I Traded My All-Day “Hustle” For A Tripwire Funnel That Shot From “Zero” To 6-Figures In Just WEEKS!
  • David Asarnow: The Lost PHILOSOPHY That Earned Me An 8-Figure Award…FOUR TIMES!
  • Raoul Plickat: Tapping Into Your “A.G.P.” To Accomplish Any Goal In HALF The Time!
  • James P. Friel: The SINGLE Biggest Mistake That Holds New Business Owners Back…(and keeps them from ever achieving the success they dream of!)

Full Review of the Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge

Sooooo, it’s pretty much a no-brainer deal…

If you’re the type of person who wants an online business, but you struggle to get it off the ground…

Or you hate the business you’ve built…

Or you struggle with the actual implementation part…

Then this Challenge FORCES you to bite the bullet and get your first (or next) funnel built.

They go through everything in detail, so even if you’re a newbie and have never built a funnel before, this would be an appropriate Challenge for you to do…

I’ve already signed up for it…DONE IT, and I hope that you’ll come join me, and we can go through it together the next round!

You can check out the details of the Challenge here → http://bgn.tips/ud7p

So in the end, would I spend my last $100 on the OFA?

Is the One Funnel Away Challenge Worth It?


And I hate saying that, but the training from mindset to funnel creation… totally worth it if you are struggling.

Do I love all the Clickfunnels indoctrination… no, but I love watching the process.

Do I love Clickfunnels the software… Negative Ghost Rider.

Is this the best training $100 can buy… Yes.

Would I recommend this training over a college degree… Ya. $100 over $50k-$200k is a no brainer.

It is not on the level of my 90-Day Double My Business Challenge & Coaching Program with in-depth, personalized attention, BUT it is a great start to any business launch or relaunch.


– Jena Apgar

To Join me in the One Funnel Away Challenge, learn more here: http://bgn.tips/ud7p



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