How Do You Find Time to Build a Business as a Mom With Small Kids?


So the question “How Do You Find Time to Build a Business as a Mom With Small Kids?” popped up while I was doing the One Funnel Away Challenge that I thought was important enough to address.

I joined ClickFunnels about a month ago and I haven’t created any funnels yet. I have a hectic life as a lone mum with 2 kids and a “day job” as a freelancer doing lead generation and SEO for local clients. I’m worried as I’m already behind on the OFA challenge from day one so if anyone could just point me in the right direction please, that would be great!! 🙏🙏. I’m excited to be here so I can learn from the experts, as I want to integrate funnel creation/management into my business Services, so I need some help please! Thank you 😊

I have 3 kids and started freelancing at night when the kids were asleep (so freaking late) and from my phone when the newborn was nursing because she would comfortably nurse for over an hour at a time once every three hours. But here are the details:

  1. I lost sleep to do the work, normal was 1am, some nights to push out critical pieces was 5:30am before I would try to get 2 hours asleep before I drove the eldest to school. I didn’t work at the time, but my son was a pistol and I was still recovering from a difficult pregnancy. We had an active schedule around town going to activities with other kids.
  2. I demanded assistance from my husband.
  3. I listened to training in a heap of clothes that I was folding at the same time while crying because my husband was drunk and being emotionally abusive while still functioning at work.
  4. There is no shortcut.
  5. Cut out Facebook.
  6. Cut out TV… sell it. Cut cable altogether. If you have to keep it for the kids, put it in their room. I hate that time sucking box.
  7. Ditch Netflix and Hulu.
  8. Workout and listen to training.

But Jena…Build a Business With No Sleep?!?!

The rebuttal from another mom:

I’m in … somehow similar situation … single parent of 2 kids …with special needs … for almost 10 years and doing all the things you mentioned by myself … cutting things and adjusting as well as constantly learning is a norm for me …

Lots of people give similar advices … and they are well intentioned.

I just want to highlight that cutting sleep should be the last resource and only a temporary solution and ideally while you are still somewhat young.

If you cut too much sleep, for a too long period or when your not quite “young” anymore, this can snd will backfire strongly and many times dramatically …

So my advice would be, make getting enough sleep a priority and that would pay back in your abilities to do what you want and keep healthy for a short and long term.

Wait…did I stutter?

I should make it clear that I am a military veteran mom and my pace is fairly hard core… “see the hill, take the hill.” There is no mention of how, resources or sleep in that statement.

I get the intention, and there is certainly a point where you are crossing thresholds of not enough sleep, but a lot of people, are sleeping way more than needed or wasting time on TV and their phone.

As a newborn mom, holy cow, that sleep schedule creates a zombie, crazy lady who is borderline about to go truly nuts.

BUT if you don’t have a newborn…

Going to bed at 11pm and waking up at 5:30am with healthy food and exercise? That is a perfectly fine schedule. 1:30am-8:30am? cool.

And a late night once a week is workable.

And sleeping till noon because you are depressed and unmotivated can be significantly worse. That is a terrible spiral to be in.

But in all honestly, cut all the cable, internet usage, phone scrolling, garbage – people would be shocked how much time they have in their day.

Wear your small kids in a baby wrap and work at a standing desk or countertop… there is another hour.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

Seriously, I recently just lost it and sold the big, expensive house, sold or donated damn near everything in it and moved my family of 5 to a luxury apartment. I mean like – I sold my towels! But got 8 new towels that look exactly the same, make me happy and all line up. I sold the excess toys, the furniture, the hobbies, the garage crap – all of it.

We accumulate so much crap and bad habits… PURGE BABY PURGE!

That is how you find time… You make it by dumping the old life that isn’t making you money.



Does it work?


Your thoughts? Tips? Tricks?



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Jena Apgar is the CEO & Chief Digital Marketing Warfare Strategist at Warfare Marketing, Inc., an agency dedicating to doubling the revenue of their clients in just one year. Her most recent endeavor is launching the MomBoss.Club business blog as a place for working moms to come together and share thoughts, ideas and what’s working now from business to family work after she built her agency from a game of FarmVille to helping companies with 1 million in revenue double their earnings. This warrior momma was a single mom during her service and now a happily married with 3 kids: 16 years old Kaitlyn, who is already a Certified Digital Marketing Professional, 5 year old Jonathan who is a sneaky super spider climber, and princess Bella at 2 years old who is, as dainty as she is, carries a sword!


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