Hello Kitty Decorating Tips For Your Child

Hello Kitty Girl's Room Design

I’ve always been a huge fan of Hello Kitty; she’s super cute, playful and adorable in every way. I’ve finally had the chance to live out my Hello Kitty dreams out by decorating my daughter’s room with a Hello Kitty theme. Here’s a few tips to help you decorate your child’s room with a similar theme.

Pick A Theme

The first step is to pick a theme around which to build. Ideas for themes include; Hello Kitty, Star Wars, Superman, just about anything you think your child will like. It’s generally a good idea to go along with something your child will actually like instead of enforcing your will with an iron fist. (Lucky for me my daughter loves Hello Kitty).

Figure Out What To Buy

There are two ways to decorate a room with a main theme. The first way is to keep it simple and accessorize with just a few accent pieces here and there. For example, you could add in a Hello Kitty wall mirror, lamp and clock. Keep in mind that a few key pieces can go a long way. Accessories such as bed sheets and pillows can also transform the vibe and feel of a room. Not sure what to pick? Hello Kitty blogs like We Love Kitty frequently feature bedroom décor items to help inspire you.

The second route is to go all out. This means getting a Hello Kitty bed, dresser, nightstands, the works. This can be super cute but grow out fast. Once he or she get to a certain age they may want a more “grown up” looking room and not a Hello Kitty bedroom set. If you want to save money in the long run buy furniture that will last and grow with your child.

Add A Splash Of Color

There are many ways of decorating on a budget. One of the easiest ways to give a room a facelift is with a paint job. Plan ahead which colors you’ll be using. Planning ahead will ensure a cohesive look. In order to fit with the Hello Kitty theme we suggest painting the walls pink, white or black. If you’re going with a “Superman” theme red and blue would be more appropriate. If you’re renting and aren’t allowed to paint consider applying decals or stickers on the walls in order to add color and texture.

A theme doesn’t have to revolve around a super hero or cartoon character; themes can also be based on colors. One easy trick is to pick a base and an accent color. For example; if the bedroom furniture is mainly white, adding in pink touches on the bedding, mirror and drapes can really tie the look together without looking messy.

The bottom line is that decorating should be fun. Enjoy the process without stressing too much and you’ll end up with something you both will love.

How do you like the Hello Kitty Room Design?



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