Diane Von Furstenberg Speaks at the 2016 Texas Conference for Women #JenasNotes

Diane von Furstenberg

Iconic fashion designer and philanthropist, Diane von Furstenberg addressed a crowd of 7,000+ attendees at the annual Texas Conference for Women in Austin on November 15, 2016 where I had the pleasure of being able to speak as well!

She knew the woman she wanted to be: Independent that could pay her own bills

As a young woman, you may not have a specific vocation, BUT you can learn from every job and every opportunity.

She learned without knowing she was learning.

When her boss purchased an old panty hose factory, he looked at the old machines and figured out HOW HE COULD USE WHAT HE HAD.

This was how jersey fabric was created!

He then took the concept of the t-shirt – which was not popular immediately, and started printing on them.

A needle, a special, small needle for this jersey fabric was invented.

After a trip to America…she looked at the factory different.

Boyfriend, husband, baby happen…she approached her boss about utilizing the factory to make some samples.


She sold a little here or there.

She hustled with a baby and a husband

She made a shirt like a ballerina and people liked it!

Then she made a dress version and people loved it! But she didn’t know why.

The cut had been done, but never in the jersey knit fabric before.

She got more CONFIDENT by doing.


To read more, get her book, she said she was incredibly honest in the book: https://amzn.to/2Uyh2GL 

She started a dialog with women that was interesting.

The dialog that is the most important is the dialog you have with yourself.

The most important relationship you have in life is with yourself.

With that, every other relation you have in life is a PLUS not a MUST.

All women are strong.

Think about your intention…

If you only practice your power you fail.

If you only practice your energy you stagnate.

If you practice your intention, you will get the energy and the power.

Use your voice for those that have no voice.

Create a network of voices.

Work on your intention.



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