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Must-See Destinations in Dallas

4 Must-See Destinations in Dallas

Welcome to the Lone Star state's fastest growing city, Dallas! There is a simple trick for covering most of theĀ Must-See Destinations in Dallas in...
How to Build Your Own Fire Pit

How to Build Your Own Fire Pit

This was sent to us by eReplacement PartsĀ and I love the beautifully laid out how to for a backyard DIY firepit! We've been thinking...
DIY: Making an Ottoman from Scrap Fabric for Free

DIY: Making an Ottoman from Scrap Fabric for Free

Create your own fabric ottoman in as little as 6 hours for free (or very little cost) using scrap fabric you have already hoarded....

DIY: Refinishing a Chandelier from Builder to Modern

Lighting fixtures cost a significant amount of money and are one of the more expensive cosmetic upgrades to the design of any room. Have...
Hello Kitty Girl's Room Design

Hello Kitty Decorating Tips For Your Child

I've always been a huge fan of Hello Kitty; she's super cute, playful and adorable in every way. I've finally had the chance to...
Dallas Sobriety Check Points

Dallas Sobriety Check Points: Where do you stand?

Sobriety Check points can be a hot talking point in my household. On one side you have safety and the other side encompasses the...

Classical Elegance in the Bedroom

In the bedroom where the concept of privacy is most intimate and bonds with a sense of comfort, it is vitally important to maintain...
crustless quiche

Recipe: Fast and Easy Crustless Quiche for Busy Mornings

In this video I walk you through step by step to make simple, very easy, crustless quiche or fratatas based on the recipe from...

The 10 Most Stunning Fireplaces in Texas

The fireplace, the hearth, a warm place the family gathers round. A special reading niche to relax at the end of the day. A...
New Years Beauty Resolutions

New Year’s Beauty Resolutions

It's almost the end of 2015 and that means trading in our poor habits for improved ones which we'll hopefully be able to stick...