Be a Contributor for the Mom Boss Club

Be a Contributor for the Mom Boss Club

From time to time, we get inquiries regarding guest blogging or being a contributor at MomBoss.Club. We figure it’s about time we did a post on this topic, because we certainly love a great guest post! Besides, it’s always nice to get a fresh voice and perspective.

If you’re interested in submitting a guest post for MomBoss.Club, please read on and we’ll let you know what we are looking for and how the process works.

Why Guest Blog?

I’m sure most of you understand the value of guest blogging. To boil it down, the one main reason why you should partake in guest blogging is: it’s a great opportunity to give back to the start-up and online business community by sharing valuable information with others.

And as we all know, giving is receiving.

Here are some other excellent reasons:

  • Get your ideas in front of thousands of readers
  • Get your company known
  • Networking
  • And of course, the good old link to your website

Topics We Cover

Listen up! – This section is quite important.

A lot of people will make assumptions as to what would make a good guest post for our blog. However, we’re quite specific as to what content we’ll publish. Here is a list of topics we cover (the links below go to good example posts):

  • All things running a business
  • Momming while working
  • Self care for women
  • Technology and applications
  • Way more – I’ll get more detailed later…but wanted to get this up!

If you think you have a great topic that will benefit the MomBoss.Club audience and it doesn’t fall into one of the above categories, feel free to send it anyway.

Quality Guidelines

We are looking for posts that teach and give value to our readers. We would like to avoid posts on topics that have been covered many times over. We are not looking for rehashed posts from other blogs. Here is the ultimate guideline:

A MomBoss.Club post should make our readers want to stop what they are doing, print out the article and spend the day applying what they have learned to their website, business or life. To put it succinctly: Your post should be inspiring!

What you GIVE:

  • One or two original posts per month that fit within the brand and mission of MomBoss.Club
  • An active presence on social media. We ask that you to share each one of your post on your primary social media platforms.
  • A six month commitment 6-12 posts.
  • Your presence, when possible, in the Facebook Mom Boss Club Facebook Group!
  • A passion for moms, kids, and business hustle
  • A reliable, positive, and fun personality!

What you GET:

  • New connections, new friendships, and lots of fun!
  • Your photo and bio on the MomBoss.Club contributor page {with links to your business and/or social media handles if you choose to share them}
  • Promotions of all your MBC articles to MBC’s social media accounts
  • Opportunities to test out products and/or services as they come available to MBC
  • Information and professional development in the areas of writing, blogging, SEO, social media, and event management

How To Submit A Guest Post

You don’t have to write your guest post in its entirety before you submit it to us. Just start by filling out this form and we will send you a follow up email with more information and to reply back to us:

Contributor Application

Thank you for your interest in being a committed member of the MomBoss.Club Contributor Team. This is a VOLUNTEER position, and we are looking for moms who are passionate about business, connecting with other moms, and are looking for a place to share stories and solutions. *No blogging experience necessary* Please fill out the application above.



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Jena Apgar is the CEO & Chief Digital Marketing Warfare Strategist at Warfare Marketing, Inc., an agency dedicating to doubling the revenue of their clients in just one year. Her most recent endeavor is launching the MomBoss.Club business blog as a place for working moms to come together and share thoughts, ideas and what’s working now from business to family work after she built her agency from a game of FarmVille to helping companies with 1 million in revenue double their earnings. This warrior momma was a single mom during her service and now a happily married with 3 kids: 16 years old Kaitlyn, who is already a Certified Digital Marketing Professional, 5 year old Jonathan who is a sneaky super spider climber, and princess Bella at 2 years old who is, as dainty as she is, carries a sword!


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