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The world is full of intensely talented craftspeople. From potters in the foothills of Peru, to abstract painters in Poland, people are creating beautiful and unique pieces of art, homeware and jewellery unlike anything available in chain stores.

The problem is, regardless of how beautiful the creations are, many of them will never be seen by an appreciative audience – although there is high demand for skilfully created craft, independent creators often lack the funds or the marketing experience to get their work to the people who would love it. 

What about selling online? Isn’t the Internet the answer?

Well, these days the Internet is so saturated with factory-made fakes that it can be challenging for genuine artists to find a voice. 

And buyers? Think back to the last time you were looking for something handmade online… If your experience was anything like most people’s, I bet you had to go through and manually figure out which items were genuine and which were just mass-produced factory items, right?

Authentically yours on Kickstarter

Authentically Yours! Giving Original Handmade Craft the Recognition it Truly Deserves 

What’s the solution?! is a new free-to-use web platform created to bring the work of independent artists and craftspeople from around the world to a global audience. The site will work as a form of virtual gallery, showcasing goods which interested buyers can then purchase from hyperlinked stores. 

Every artist and craftsperson featured on will be fully vetted, ensuring that only quality handmade work is included and every item has proven provenance. 

In a world where everything has become automated, artisanal skills are increasingly under threat. aims to support artists and makers, helping them to thrive within their vocation and ensuring that traditional crafts are kept alive for future generations.

By joining in our Kickstarter campaign and pledging whatever you can – from a single dollar upwards – you can help make sure that independent artists and craftspeople have the support they need to make the world that little bit more beautiful.

Authentically Yours for artists and craftsmen to sell goods



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