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Selling your kids stuff 10 consignment selling tips

As a mom with three kids that all grow like weeds just after I go through and purchase all their clothes for the season, I have come to embrace the art of selling clothes. This week, I’m prepping clothes to sell at the Just Between Friends Fort Worth giant, massive, seriously largest children’s and maternity consignment sale in Texas. More importantly, I plan on trading in those profits for the next stage in clothes, toys and gear for my two youngest children. Want to join? Sweet. I can help you with that. JBF Fort Worth takes place at Fort Worth’s Will Rogers Memorial Center – Amon G. Carter Exhibit Hall. Unfortunately, you can’t just toss it all in a box and dump it on their doorstep and expect serious cash. A little effort on your part will yield a nice return.


How to Decide What to Sell

First, do ALL the laundry. Find every stash of clothes hidden in every cranny. Now you have to go through your stuff to decide what to get rid of and what to keep. Sort all clothes into two piles: one neatly hung and folded with clothes that still fit and the other with everything that your child has out grown. Just working with the pile that doesn’t fit now.

Second, do you plan on having more kids in the immediate future? Is there a younger sibling that can wear some of these clothes? Are they the same gender? Is their something sentimental you want to keep for their future children? Pull out what you wish to keep and store appropriately, preferably in a plastic tub with a silicone packet tossed inside. I personally only keep a few soft pieces to make t-shirt quilts for their future children – the rest gets sold.

Third, sort the remaining stack into two piles. One pile will be clothes in great condition without stains, tears, rips, or excessive shrinkage. The other pile is to donate. I prefer to donate to the local Dallas Genesis Women’s Shelter off Lemmon Avenue.

Forth, now the fun begins. Give a light ironing (if fabric appropriate) to all the clothes that need it. If you are one of those perfect washing machine masters who always tends to the laundry right after it gets out of the dryer, you might be able to skip this step, but for the moms who enjoy replicating mount Everest out of laundry…deploy the iron or steamer. This single step can double the return especially on nicer clothes. Collared shirts generally always need a touch of iron. Rumpled pile just doesn’t sell as well.

consignment resell tips to raise money


Prepare the Clothes to Sell Using Retail Skills

5.  Use the right size hanger. Don’t try to fit a size 9 months onesie on an adult hanger or a boys 12 on a baby hanger. You want the clothes to look right and at their very best. You can find bulk kid sized metal hangers on Amazon with free Prime Shipping.

6.  Use fresh, non rusty, safety pins. Stay away from the tiny ones as they tend to come undone the easiest

7.  A little ribbon on the top of each hanger can set it apart from a sea of clothes.

8.  Group similar low cost items like onsies, bibs and socks together and sell as a group.


Creating the Tag

9.  As they hang, I go one by one creating tags and then print them all out at one time. I write my descriptions with the following template: amount, brand, gender (if applicable), description, price. For example, “2 Ralph Lauren Boys Striped Collared Shirts for $10.

10.  Which brings us to pricing. I tend to price items right at 1/3  of what I paid for the item. If the item is in new condition as high as 1/2 and if it is it pretty used, but sellable, condition I sell for 1/4 of what I paid retail.

So get your selling on! If you are in the DFW area, Just Between Friends Fort Worth is Texas’ LARGEST children’s and maternity consignment sale! You will not find another place with this many buyers where you can unload all your used stuff at top dollar AND purchase  the items you do need. JBF Fort Worth will be open to the public Thursday, March 5th 2015 – Monday, March 9th 2015. See full schedule.

NOTE: First time parents & grandparent can sign-up to shop early (registration for the First Time Parent Sale ends on March 3). Volunteering & consigning will get you an early pre-sale pass!

For more information on pre-sell passes visit JBF.

And I mentioned a giveaway – Just Between Friends Fort Worth has given us the opportunity to offer ONE – $15 JBF Fort Worth Gift Certificate for you to shop!!

How to win: Check out and “Like” JBF Fort Worth on Facebook. Come back here and comment on your thoughts. Do you plan on selling? Buying? Have you shopped a JBF sale before? Winner will be selected at random.

RULES: Giveaway entry ends February 23, 2015 at midnight and the winner will be selected at random on February 24th, 2014. Winner must pick up the Gift Card at the Fort Worth JBF Spring Sale at time of shopping trip (we will provide the winner with exact details once a winner is selected). The winner may not be another JBF blogger and can only win once per sale.

*****I received compensation in exchange for writing this blog post. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.*****

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