Water, Water Everywhere, but is it Clean Enough to Drink?


My uproot to Frisco has been a wonderful move for all three children. Great schools and all kids advancing rapidly and with excitement. But a big concern lingers! Water; like seriously contaminated water on tap. CultureMap did a write up, one of many actually:

Frisco Unleaded found studies commissioned by the City of Frisco showing many instances of chemical contamination. The group is asking the EPA to take control of cleanup efforts and declare “imminent danger” at the site. City officials maintain that a voluntary cleanup program is sufficient

In November 2011 (a year before the Exide plant was completely shut down), Southwest Geoscience conducted another study of Stewart Creek “in the vicinity of Grand Park.” Southwest received the study in March 2013. According to its findings, 71 percent of sediment samples from Stewart Creek had unacceptable levels of lead, cadmium and arsenic.

The Effects of Lead in the Water

The Effects of Lead in the Water

What Can You Do to Help in Your Home

Filter your water! Filter and filter again. Have it tested and filter again. Lead scares me. Hydroviv will, for a limited time, will provide a free local water quality assessment (Normally $150). Just input your details and get information.

Lead is Not the only Problem

There are hundreds of impurities found in your home’s tap water that can sometimes quite seriously irritate and dry out your skin, negatively impact your long flowing hair, and interfere with all the beauty products that you spend hundreds of dollars on (shhhhh, no one tell my husband that!)

We all know about refrigerator water filters, pitcher filters and even the kind that snap to your kitchen faucet. But what about your shower? ClearRain is a product specifically created to handle “Tough Tap Water” that attaches to your plumbing in the shower and is the only shower filter currently on the market that uses a 4 stage filtration process that removes chlorine-based chemicals, oily residues, pesticides, metals (including rust), and Volatile chemicals (rotten egg smell).

But you are not handy? That is ok! ClearRain attaches to your existing shower head and is installed by you in under 5 minutes.



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