Setting up a Baby Nursery: Tips, Tricks, and Facts


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For the 1st time mother, setting up a nursery can be overwelming and there are many different ideas available. I am always shocked by the “You Need” list stores hand out to new mothers. Baby’s need very little outside of your love and milk. Setting up a small and functional nursery is rather simple.

Start be finding a cozy area or room for your nursery. Choose room colors. Do you want to paint the walls? In the beginning would be the best time to paint before you have nice furniture in the space. We decided to build Baby Bella’s nursery in our master bedroom in a sitting niche. I chose to paint the entire room a light gold color to match the downstairs area.

Any other work need to be done? To complete our nursery, I wanted to add 11” baseboards, new outlet covers, and decorative ceiling moulding. So glad that I did this before the new furniture came in because this project made a mess!

Baby Nursery Safety

During this construction phase, ensure that the nursery has a smoke and carbon monoxide detector. You can pick up a combination detector at any hardware store inexpensively.

Go ahead and take this moment to install electric outlet covers for all receptacles. I recommend the basic, old school, cheap ones. They work well.

Step 2, add furniture. Choose quality furniture that fits your needs and budget. Setting up a crib correctly is very important to the safety of your little one. As a three time mom who has raised five kids now, one of the #1 tips I can offer with crib set up is this: layers. Take your mattress and cover it with a waterproof mattress protector. Place a fitted sheet on top. Then place ANOTHER mattress protector and a second fitted sheet on top of that. Why? When your sweet little one overflows there daughter at 3am, you can just remove two layers and back to sleep!

Your crib will need bedding: mattress protectors, sheets and an optional bed skirt. Note that pediatricians recommend that you DO NOT use crib bumpers, blankets or object that could potentially suffocate your infant.

Highly recommend the mattress cover we recieved to review by Billie Bee, soon to be Margaux & May. The bamboo terry cloth has a luxurious hand that is far superior to the organic cotton one I previously purchased for twice the price. The material quicly absorbs fluid (I checked) – thus pulling it away from the baby. The eco friendly waterproof backing keeps all fluids from penetrating and destroying the mattress. Phthalate Free, Latex Free, Lead Free, BPA Free. And my favorite aspect, it is quiet. There is no shuffling, plastic noise.

You will also want some area in the nursery to have a diapering station that includes a clean area, diapers, diaper wipes and toiletries for the baby. Let me just stop you now – you really don’t need a wipe warmer. Seriously.

Many sites will also suggest a baby monitor. I personally have never found a reason for a baby monitor, but my house, even with a toddler, is relatively quiet and I keep my baby close.

Lastly, put the frosting on the cupcake: decorate your nursery with wall art, rugs, curtains and all the bling a baby needs.

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