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I am often asked in public how I wrap up my baby like a burrito (Texas, go figure). This seems simple and natural to me, but surprisingly, many people don't know how to swaddle or the comfort it can bring to a baby - especially newborns. The first step os to purchase a blanket made for swaddling. These blankets are significantly...
Attention Bloggers! List of Sites to Submit Giveaways!
Do you have a business or blog and looking to draw in traffic? Running a giveaway is a great way to accomplish this task as well as adding real followers to your social media accounts. But how do you promote the giveaway if you don't have traffic yet? Good question! This is my own personal list of places to submit...
For the 1st time mother, setting up a nursery can be overwelming and there are many different ideas available. I am always shocked by the "You Need" list stores hand out to new mothers. Baby's need very little outside of your love and milk. Setting up a small and functional nursery is rather simple. Start be finding a cozy area...