DIY: Refinishing a Chandelier from Builder to Modern


Refinish a builder chandelier for cheap with Rustoleum Spray Paint

Lighting fixtures cost a significant amount of money and are one of the more expensive cosmetic upgrades to the design of any room. Have you considered refinish a chandelier? Instead of buying brand new out of the box, purchasing someone else’s trade in off of Craigslist. You can almost always find a builder style traditional chandelier for dirt cheap. But builder brown isn’t your style? No problem! A couple of spray paint cans later and you can own a real beauty for under $100.

I wish I had a before picture of this light fixture. It was just another boring brown builder style light fixture out of my Dad’s house. I completely revamped it into a beautiful fixture for a luxury, high-rise home office project.

How To Refinish a Chandelier:

  1.     I Disassembled the Light – Be sure to remember how you took it apart so you can put it back together again
  2.     Clean  – Don’t forget all the hard to reach areas
  3.     Primer – I applied a grey primer to the visible metal pieces to keep away future rust and helps the paint adhere to the fixture; let it dry
  4.     Paint – Paint over the primer. The paint in the picture is actually glittery blue; let it dry
  5.     Top Coat – Just like your nails, apply a top coat to seal in the finish. I used glossy, but matte is available; let it dry
  6.     Details – I painted silver details on the frosted glass so it didn’t look so pedestrian
  7.     Reassemble – Put it all back together without forgetting parts
  8.     Hang it – Somewhere special
  9.     TouchUp – I used some enamel paint used for model planes to touch up scratches caused by the hanging process; she was significantlyheavier that we forecasted

Blue metallic refinishing a chandelier for home office

Does Refinishing a Chandelier scare you? Let us know about it in the comments below!



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