DIY: Making an Ottoman from Scrap Fabric for Free

DIY: Making an Ottoman from Scrap Fabric for Free

DIY Do it yourself free ottoman with scrap fabricCreate your own fabric ottoman in as little as 6 hours for free (or very little cost) using scrap fabric you have already hoarded. Durable, no hard edges for babies to hit, fabulously funky and functional! Top with a large tray for a simple coffee or side table.

I just finished this fabulous ottoman!

Wasn’t positive how it would turn out or how receptive my husband would be to the scraps — but it is my new favorite seat in the house. I used the Butterick Waverly B5230 as a template and basically followed the instructions. Instead of using solid pieces of fabric, I quilted fabric scraps together.

I started out cutting out the template the same as any other project. I used the largest of the pillows featured. I pinned the template onto a natural cotton fabric; inexpensive fabric to attach the scraps. I skipped on using the quilted batting as suggested.

How to make an ottoman from Butterick Pattern B5230

I then layered out an interesting and random patterns out until I liked what I saw and pinned them down. On one of the eight sections I even added a pocket. No reason at the time, just for fun, but in the end it is great for storage near the TV.

Laying out material to create quilted pattern for ottoman

I used a decorative stitch on my Brother SE400 Sewing Machine to sew all seams plus some decorative runs for details. The contrasting white stitch used through out brought the mixture of pieces together and I found out later, provided critical horizontal fabric support.

Stitching together the last opening with a slip stitch

Trying to pull a large ottoman sized pillow through a hand sized hole was interesting. In the end, all that fabric weighed quite a bit and became somewhat difficult to handle on the machine. Slip stitching the opening at the end was very difficult. In theory you need an upholstery needle that is hooked and strong.

How to make an ottoman from scrap fabric for free

In the end, it was a beautiful ottoman

My husband was unable to visualize the scraps in the beginning, but he enjoys propping his feet up and the little pocket I added on one section that fits all three of the remote controls in one definitive space. My daughter likes it because it is cool alternative sitting. Great for dorms and children’s areas.

Do you think this is a project you might try? Let us know about it in the comments below!



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