Classical Elegance in the Bedroom


In the bedroom where the concept of privacy is most intimate and bonds with a sense of comfort, it is vitally important to maintain sleek, classic elegance in the interior decoration.

Designing a bedroom that is not just attractive, but comfortable and functional as well is mostly a matter of getting the basics right. Use simple yet high quality ingredients for a traditional look with a modern twist.

Image and architecture by Richard Drummond Davis Architects

A classically styled boudoir consist of clean lines that make for the ultimate in rest and relaxation; no mess, no distractions, just a beautiful cherry sleigh bed and invitingly crisp cotton sheets. Sheets should be white or cream, always, and no less than a three hundred thread count(more if you can afford it). The trick, obviously, is in making it look oh so easy.

The classical bedroom is full of more than elegance, but is full of stylishly understated surprises. Choose a natural fiber floor covering instead, for example, where a cozier carpet is expected. Whether you use seagrass, sisal or jute, their ridged weave gives interesting textural contrast and provides a wonderful base for a bed made of polished wood. You will find that jute has the softest hand and will feel the coziest under your feet. Choose a natural fiber rug that has a simple black edge binding or a simple black graphic edge for a sophisticated touch.

Looking for a funkier look? Animal skin rugs can sometimes come across as rather rustic and unsophisticated, but when paired with simple, high-quality materials can create a chic, attractive twist. Of course, if you are more of a traditionalist, you can go with the typical small, soft rug beside the bed.

To promote a snug as a bug in a rug, enclosed feeling in a room, panel walls up to the typical picture height, about five feet up from the floor. Paint this paneling a slight, light, matte gray and the walls above the paneling to the ceiling and the ceiling, a bright cool white.

Reiterate the natural fiber rug by selecting bedside tables with wicker tops. Already purchased solid wood side tables to match the bed? ask your neighborhood rug store if they have two sisal rug samples you could purchase and set them on top of your existing nightstands. This will also protect the wood surface of the side tables from nicks and scratches.

To make basic white linens a bit snazzier, add thoughtful details such as piping, edging or buttons. These small touches will make all the difference between the same old boring room and designer chic elegance. Add layers of quite necessary blankets and throws for added luxury. Generously sized blankets and lots of them add a feeling of warmth, comfort and indulgence. Choose a double thickness wool blanket for extra-special warmth and comfort. Have every blanket, every piece of linen, especially the pillowcases, monogrammed. It is the difference between bland and what you see in your designer magazines.

You will find that a careful consideration into the design of the master bedroom, or any bedroom for that matter, will create a space that is not bland, but a masterpiece of restrained, classical elegance.

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